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                U-Nique All Stars Academy 2017-18 * Wolves Swim Team / Lesson“Building student                                                         athletes through the discipline of sports”


     U-Nique All Stars Academy/ Public Swim Program allows children to experience the benefits of swimming year ‘round with other like-minded families. The Wolves head coach is Dwayne Billingsley, a father of 4 children. Dwayne has 25 years age-group swim coaching experience.

 Swim Team Registration/Tryouts

 Oct 7  . Triangle Aquatic Center Green,Red and Gold teams 1:30 to 2:30 Evaluation $10 fee are mandatory for all new swimmers or those trying out for the next level. You may register at the evaluation or text or email. Your prepayment will be refunded if your child does not qualify for the team. If you cannot make tryouts, you may also be evaluated at the time of your first lesson, class or practice. All swimmers who don't need to tryout because they are approved by Coach Dwayne do not have to come to tryouts. You should register on this day and may practice during the hour of your team's tryout if you are not approved.

    Green Team Requirements: 5 to 7

Ages 5 & 7 as of August 1, 2016. Child must be able to complete 50 yards of rudimentary crawl, 25 yards of back and breaststroke. This team is designed to prepare a younger or inexperienced swimmer for the demands and skills of swimming with the Green Team. The instruction will concentrate on the rules and endurance of all four competitive strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Child will also learn the proper starts and turns.

   Red Team Requirement:

 Ages 8-18 as of August 1, 2016. Participant must be able to swim 8 x 50 yards freestyle on the:60 second interval and the 100 Individual medley. Swimmer must also make 25 yards freestyle without breathing. Swimmer must also be able to successfully complete a freestyle and backstroke flip turn as well as the racing dive.

  Gold Team Requirement:

Ages 10-18 as of August 1, 2018. Participant should be able to 1) swim the 400 meter individual medley without disqualification, including the breaststroke pull down and free and back flip turns and, 2) do a swim set of 10 consecutive 50 yards short course of freestyle on the :40 second interval, and 3) make 25 yards underwater dolphin kick on their back without breathing.


2017-18 Woves Practice Schedule Our 2017-18

Season begins Wednesday, Sat /Sun. TBD and runs through, Feb. We swim a total of 19 weeks during the 2017-18 year. Team Hours Sat TBD.

"Times are subject to chang"

 Non-practice dates

The swim season runs 16 weeks throughout the school year. The weeks we don’t meet are: November 21, 23 & 24 (Thanksgiving Break) Fall session ends Dec. 17. Winter session begins Mon, Jan 6 & 7 2017-18 Wolves.

     Swim Team Costs

All participants are joining for the 2017-2018  year. There are 19 scheduled weeks of practices. Swimmers may sign up for two days of practice per week. Payments are based on a 5 class schedule and spread out over 5 months, Oct. through Feb. Payments should be paid at the first practice of each month. After the 15th, we will send out a reminder to those who have not yet made payments. Costs do not include entry fees for swim meets.

Swim Team / Class Fees: Practices / Lessons $61 for 5 group swim classes . Swim Club $71 for $5 team practices & 1 swim meet . Private classes $20 a class


Female swim suits are available in two sizing styles. The most popular style involves a range from 18-40, in even numbers. You will also find that technical suits are available in even and odd numbered sizes, for a more exact fit. We also offer suits available in traditional dress sizes, ranging from 4-22 in even numbers. 
A well-fitted suit should not have any wrinkles in the fabric, but should not be so tight that it is uncomfortable. One good rule of thumb is the straps should not be able to be pulled to your ears. Please keep in mind that suits will become slightly looser in the water, as the suit absorbs water.
Male swim suits are available in two styles, jammers and briefs. The jammer-style suit features fabric on the legs, while the brief-style does not. All male suits are sized by waist size, similar to regular pants ranging from 22-40, in even numbers. 

A well-fitted suit should not have any wrinkles in the fabric, but should not be so fit that it is uncomfortable. Unlike traditional board shorts or trunks, jammers are tight fitting to reduce drag. All male suits will feature a drawstring in the waist to keep the suit in place.
Swim Gear carries several different swim suit brands. Each brand will fit a little differently than another, and so we advise various suits are tried on so that the perfect fit can be found.








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Swim team evaluation fee

Once a week swim Green Club fee

Once a week swim Red Club fee

Girls Swimsuit

Once a week swim Gold Club fee